Tran Hiep Thanh Textile Corporation

 Tran Hiep Thanh  Textile Corporation specialize in producing all kinds of woven and knit fabric. 
Tran Hiep Thanh with over 25 years of operation in dyeing - finishing, our products are increasingly asserted position and reputation in the domestic market as well as abroad and retain significant market share in the industry fabric in Vietnam.

 Apart from our major products as:
· Poly Taffeta 190T, Poly Taffeta 210T, Poly Taffeta 230T, Poly Taffeta 290T, Poly Taffeta 350T, Micro Fiber Sanding, Micro Plain, Poly Satin, Poly Twill, Poly Chiffon, Poly Pongee, Poly Ripstop, Poly Oxford…
· Cotton Lining: Poplin, Voile
· T/C Lining 65/35
· Poly Mesh
· Jersey, Interlock, Rib, Pique,.… 
Tran Hiep Thanh
Diamond Pique Fabric

Tran Hiep Thanh already main supplier of high quality various kinds of fabric and is a reliable to all garment companies in domestic and oversea market, such as: Garco 10, Vinatex, Nha Be, Viet Tien, TNG, Carmel Clothing, Just Jamie, Textile, New World Fashion Group, C&A, Queen Apparel, Itochu, YKK, Marubeni, Kiyokawa, Sumitex, Tamurakuma, Toyoshima, Jatec, Toyo....
Tran Hiep Thanh has enough capable of modern technology equipment with professional technical staffs and talented workers have been trained carefully, to meet the increasing demand of customers.
Tran Hiep Thanh

Besides, Tran Hiep Thanh are using all kinds of high quality chemicals are imported from abroad by the renowned distributors as DyStar, Ciba, Clariant, Rifa ... etc. provided.
Tran Hiep ThanhTran Hiep Thanh 

Tran Hiep Thanh

With mix machine technology colored modern automatic will ultimately save time and cost, will be met quickly and accurately the requirements of colors of the garment market
Data color
 Some required finishing basic as:
1. Mechanical finishing:                                                            
            - Raising, brushing
            - Peach                                                                                                                    
            - Calendering
            - Compact

2. Chemical finishing:
Tran Hiep Thanh
Poly Oxford 300D W/R
            - Insect Repellent Finishing
            - Bio-Polishing by Enzyme
            - Water Repellent
            - Soil Releasing
            - UV Protective
            - Shrink-Proof
 - Anti-Bacterium
            - Anti-Fungus                                                                        
            - Anti-Wrinkle
            - Anti-Yellowing
            - Anti-Static
            - Anti-Slip                                                                                                                
            - Anti-Pilling
            - Wicking
            - Softening
            - Stiffening
            - Singeing

Location of Tran Hiep Thanh increasingly asserted on the market due to high quality products and diversified goods to meet market demands

Tran Hiep Thanh
Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Tran Hiep Thanh 's products has passed Oeko-Tex Standard 100, customers are increasingly popular and appreciated

• ISO Standard                                                                         
• AATCC Standard
• ASTM D5430 4-Points System
• JIS Standard
• OEKO-TEX Standard 100 for 100% Polyester & Nylon   

Tran Hiep Thanh is a reliable place to provide the best service, fast shipping, and timely delivery to all clients

- Knitting fabric: 10.800.000 kg/year
- Woven fabric:  24.000.000 m/year

- Domestic Market: 15%
- Export Market: 85% ( EU, USA, UK, JAPAN)

Tran Hiep Thanh is the main supplier of high quality fabric and is a liable supplier to all garment companies in domestic and oversea. "Satisfy customers is our mission”

Satisfy Customers is our mission

Tran Hiep Thanh  plant was step by step stable operating in Trang Bang Industrial Park, Tay Ninh Province. This factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters and are invested with latest technology and equipments, with waste water treatment system 4000m3 per day
Tran Hiep Thanh
Tran Hiep Thanh's factory at Trang Bang IZ, Tay Ninh Provine

Contact information: 
Mr. Liem - Sales Deputy Manager
Hotline: 0919.000.739 
Email:  liemlt@thttextile.com.vn

Tran Hiep Thanh Textile Corporation


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